Quality policy


OCS MOULDS SRL operates in the rubber and plastic sector, in particular it operates in injection molding on behalf of Terzi and in the construction of molds for the molding of plastic materials.

OCS MOULDS SRL aims to become a company known and established in its reference market, distinguishing itself in particular for the quality of the product offered and the ability to propose innovative solutions.

The Company Management therefore deemed it appropriate to establish, maintain and document a Quality Management System with the current management system of the Company.

The Quality Management System that is described in the OCS MOULDS SRL system documentation complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 regulations.

The first objective of OCS MOLDS SRL is to continuously implement and improve the Quality Management System, certified by an accredited third party.

The objective of the Quality Management System is to guarantee Customers products and services that always comply with the requirements of the contract, minimizing and continuously monitoring quantities and causes of Non-Conformity (including complaints) and thus guaranteeing a precise and punctual product and service.

In respect with the new ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards, OCS Molds srl has carried out the analysis of the context, evaluating its market position also with respect to its customers and competitors. In view of this activity, an assessment was made of the Risk management, which will be revised upon the occurrence of changes or modifications.

Given the nature of the activity carried out by the Company, this takes the form of:

  • maximum professionalism and competence of the staff;
  • respect with industry regulations and laws;
  • guarantee of the qualitative standard offered through constant controls, which also constitute the indispensable foundation for future improvement;
  • sharing of the approach oriented to the satisfaction of the customer and all the interested parties, such as suppliers and in particular employees;
  • effective assistance in terms of timeliness and constancy in information communications;
  • to foster the "Culture of Quality" within the Company and at its suppliers.

To ensure the application and maintenance of the prescriptions that constitute the Quality Management System, the Management has established, within the Company, the Quality Management Service, which has the task of implementing, managing and identifying possibility of system improvement.

All OCS MOULDS SRL personnel participate, each for their own activities, in achieving the Quality objectives set in this declaration.

The Quality Management System therefore provides that everyone is trained to perform their duties correctly, and requires the full participation of all.

The Management, as the ultimate responsible of the Quality towards the Customers, will verify the correct application of the provisions of the Company Quality Management System.

The Management takes on the task of carrying out, at least once a year, a Review of the Quality Management System, to verify the adequacy over time of the System with respect to these needs.

Limana (BL), March 04, 2021