About us


A company founded in 1975 that in 40 years of history has been able to become an international reference point in the field of mould design for plastics and moulding. Our qualities? Experience, respect of lead times and perfection in processing. A constantly growing Company and a trust built with seriousness and precision, today enhanced by innovation and internationalization.

attestato fondo europeo

During each company management phase, OCS enforces a code of conduct aimed at promoting respect for people and for operating and market systems, as provided for by the regulations in force.
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Experienced and dynamic team

Designers with decades of experience teamed with young engineers, all of whom boast extensive studies and training in mechanical machining, work together in a proactive environment provided with the best equipment available on the market.

This team is the concrete result of 40 years’ experience: a dynamic group whose work is one of the main ingredients of our success. This is why OCS defends and fosters each individual’s interests and aptitudes, because the efforts of each guarantee the relations with, and the quality of the promises we make to, each single Customer.